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Quality policy in campsite La Aldea

The management of CAMPSITE LA ALDEA has established the following Quality Policy, that defines the drawn line as for the fulfilment of the requisites and satisfaction of the client.
The principles on which it is based are: Identification of the clients requisites, Fulfilment of the legal requisites and regulations applicable to our activity, Efficiency in the presentation of service, Establishment of a dynamic of continuous improvement.

The basic principles of the Quality Policy on CAMPSITE LA ALDEA are the following:

Campsite quality is being understood as quality in its installations and lodgings, as well as the completing services that are located within a unique setting the Coto Doñana,Europe’s most important protected natural area and the hermitage of Our Lady of El Rocío.

To offer integral solutionsto our clients’ necessities, in a way that we can achieve full satisfaction of their expectationsawith the principal argument for a guarantee for a sustainable growth being that they can count on us from the first contact.

Quality in our service as fundamental characteristic, understood as professionality, reliability and quality of the products and services that we offer: Super-market, Swimming-pool,Restoration, Children Animation.

Qualification and involvementof our personnel as a fundamental tool for reaching the expected quality by our clients.

The existence of a formal commitment by the management to maintain the continuous dimprovement of the system and the fulfilment of all the requisites of the norm ISO 9001:2008.

The establishment of quality objectives that allow us to advance in the line of the points that have been stated above.

The management assures that the Quality Policy is understood, installed and kept up-to-date at all levels of the organization.

En el Rocío a 23 de diciembre de 2008.
La Gerencia del Camping LA ALDEA