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Environmental Policy in Campsite La Aldea

Good internal management:Managing the campsite and its installations in such a way that the harmful environmental impacts and the use of natural resources are reduced to a minimum.

To promote the conservation of the biodiversity and with this increase to a maximum the ecological potential of the campsite.

Communications and environmental education: to guarantee that our environmental attitudes, policies and practices are being perceived with precision by the public.

There exists a formal commitment of the enterprise to guarantee the fulfilment of all applicable environmental legislationgand of other requisites that have their application because of the natural surroundings in which it is located.

Likewise, the enterprise is committed with the permanent prevention of generated contamination both referring to the management of residues, emissions and dumpings, as well as to the diminution of the resources that are consumed on the campsite, principally water.

It is the proposal of the campsite to achieve apermanent improvement in its environmental behaviour.

It is therefore our goal to intensify not only the ecological value, but also the recreational joys that are derived from this campsite, and to guarantee that our commitment for being responsible for the environmental management is recognized by the whole community. We believe that the campsites can serve as a model of imitation for good environmental behaviour.

The direction of Camping LA ALDEA swill guard that this environmental policy is installed, kept up-to-date and communicated to all of its employees.

En el Rocío a 23 de diciembre de 2008.
La Gerencia del Camping LA ALDEA